Dec 26, 2011

Rayaru at Tirumala

He then proceeds to digvijaya yatre. He halts in a place called Aalooru. That night he is busy writing sacred books and completes '" THATVA  PRAKASHIKA  BHAVA DEEPIKA. Late in the night one of the sishyas tells Him that it is past midnight and should rest for the day as they have to go a long way next morning. He says He is not tired and sleepy while scripting the books praising the Lord. However to enable the sishyas to rest He agrees to call it a day.( Sishyas do not go to bed unless Guru retires.) That night SRI TEEKACHARYARU ( JAYATHIRTHARU ), comes in his dream and tells Him that he has to script lot more books and has no time to rest. Sri Teekacharyaru is known for his articles explaining most of the books by Srimad Acharyaru. One book of Acharyaru, he has not written the teeke and  left it for Sri Raghvendra is ANU BHASHYA. He tells him that he has to script this, which Rayaru writes. He completes and calls it ANUBHASHYA TEEKE. He also writes THATHVAMANJARI. ( in total He has written 42 books )

He then proceeds to Sri Shaila and then to Thirupathi. At Thirupathi he does pooja to Lord Venkateshwara. The archakas in that temple says that they have experienced a rare glamour when He performed pooja which they had naver seen before. They say Lord is pleased to accept the pooja from Rayaru and requests Him to continue pooja for some more days as per Dwaitha rituals. One day after pooja Rayaru plays veena in the Gharba gudi. To every ones surprise all of a sudden the flower garland on Lord Venkateshwara is found on Rayaru. He says Lord has accepted His pooja and offered him with the garland.

From there he proceeds to Kumbakonam. 

For general information, Sri Madwacharyaru has written 37 books. They are called SARVAMOOLA GRANTHAGALU.

Plight of Kumbakonam

On the other side, the rulers of states sorrounding kubakonam are getting ready to attack the ruler of kubakonam since the prince of kubakonam is not oerforming his duties to the people of that state. His mother and the minister are followers of Gurugalu. They approach Him to save the state of Kumbakonam from being attacked. Gururaja appears in the dream of the rulers and tells them not to attack kumbakonam and that the minister will approach them for peace. Likewise the minister approaches the kings next morning. This surprises all the kings.

Story of the Greedy Priest

Another story: The wife of a priest is greedy about a gold chain on the deity. She somehow wants this. She steals this one night and later on suffers to her misdeeds and looses her speech, husband loses his job and son is severely sick. Ultimately she rushes to Gurugalu who saves her and her family. 

One brhamana (visihtadvaitha) by name Ranganatha and his wife are living happily in their village. One night Lord Vishnu comes in his dream and tells him to donate to the people of the village lberally. From that day onwards he starts donating whatever he had to the locals. His wife also co operates with him. Once when all things are exhausted and has nothing to donate, they decide to leave the village early next morning before anybody approaches them for rheir needs. That night Lord once again comes i his dream and tells him to continue to donate. Since he has no more left with him he is told by Lord that next day morning a bikshuka will come to their house. Hold his hand and take him inside your house and then he will have enough cash to start donating.

As told by Lord in his dream a sanyasi comes to his house in the morning. He holds the sanyasees hand and he immedaitely vanishes leaving behind heaps of gold and silver coins. Once they are rich with the coins, they change their mind. Instead of donating they decide to retain the wealth to their needs and refuses to people who come to them. To teach them a lesson, Lord sees to it that the riches are stolen from them that night. When they get up next morning and comes to know that it is missing, they decide to leave the village in search of some food and shelter. They keep walking but are unable to find food and shelter. Ranganatha is exhausted and collapses. Wife is desperate and helpless. She cant even find some water to feed him. At this point of time Gurugalu is on his way to Bijapur comes across this couple. By his Divyadarshan he can see what all had happened to this couple and the reason for the misery.

Rayaru explains to the wife the reason. They did not obey Lords orders to continue giving arms to the needy and that they were greedy to have all the wealth to themselves. However for the daana they had already given, Lord will pardon them due to their prayaschitha. The wife then agrees to lead a life akin to brahman, to live and let live and would continue to donate to the needy. 

He then asks for water but his followers say that the water is exhausted and there is no water nearby. He chants a sloka and from the rocks comes a fountain of water. Sprinkling of this water Ranganatha wakes up, and comes to know that none other than Sri Raghavendra Swamigalu gave him a rebirth. He then decides to go back to his house and lead a good life and requests Rayaru to go to his house for his seva. That night after every one is asleep the stolen coins are back into the same place and seeing that the wealth is back Rayaru and his team leaves the place without informing  Ranganatha and his wife. The couple is surprised in the morning seeing the coins but repents they could not do any seva to Gurugalu.

Later Swamigalu enters Bijapur then ruled by Shivaji. He comes to know about this. Shivaji performs Pada pooja to yathigalu and takes a vow that he will gaurd the Mysore state and that all religions live in harmony.

Miracles Galore

Next Sudhindra Thirtharu asks Rayaru to go to Ramachandrapura for a visit. On his way he is approached by parents of a young boy who is no more. They pleads Rayaru to bring him back to life. From his doora drushti Rayaru comes to know that the boy has lost his life since he steps on to a lemon thrown on a road. He sprinkles holy water and the boy wakes up.

On their way again to Ramachndrapura, they come across a village. A farmer ploughing the field, asks the troop to have tender coconut in his field and asks them to go over to his farm house. The two Yathis tells the team members to accept the invitation of the farmer. When they go a few steps the farmer turns around and abuses the team. Says "who asked you to follow me. cant afford to feed you all. go back" So the team goes back. Farmer follows and when he comes near a particular place he again requests the team to go with him. This repeats for some time and the members refuse to go and tells Gurugalu that he is a mad fellow. To this Sri Sudheendra thirtharu tells that he is not mad but the sthala mahime. He asks his followers to dig out the spot where he was speaking kindly to them. On digging they find  a stone carving of HANUMANTHA VIGRAHA. Gurugalu says it is the work of Sri Vyasarajaru and decides to install it in the same place. 

In the same village there is a guy who does not believe in God and bothers all those who perform poojas and homas. All the brhamins in the village are afraid of him. This guys comes to know that one saint has come to this village and that he intends to install the Hanumantha Vigraha and build a temple. To this he objects to and one night goes to the place where the idol was kept. He is fully drunk and abuses the idol and tries to drop a huge boulder on the vigraha. As he is about to drop the boulder he is hit on his back heavily, but is unable to see any one. He repeats this over and over again but in the end ends up in getting beaten up. Next day he goes to meet the Saint and starts arguing with him. But in the end he admits his misdeeds and becomes a follower of Raghvendra Swamigalu.

One more incident takes place enroute His visit to Ramachandrapura. Padmanabha achar, who was forcing that young woman to jump into the funeral pyre of her aged husband, to gulp the huge assets of the old man, is now suffering from leprosy and other incurable diceases. Gurugalu comes across him and tells him that he has to suffer this ailment till he comes across that lady and she will have to excuse him. Meanwhile he sprinkles holy water so that he will not suffer from pain .Gurugalu then proceed to Ramachandrapura.

Sudheendra Thirtharu sees Sri Moola Ramachandra in his sleep, one night and has a conversation with Him.

Rayaru's wife dies

Unable to bear the news that her hubby became a saint, V's wife falls into a well and commits suicide. Her tormented soul though still lingers with Gurugalu. He blesses it and it finally reaches its logical end.

The three oldies including that madi hengasu were struggling in their old age at V's forefather's hermitage, due to disrespect they gave to venkatanatha and his father. However on humanity grounds Gurugalu gives them mukthi by sprikling holy water, and later all three dies. This is another pavada He made. Because of this the other fake achar tries to defame Gurugalu by Kuthanthras.

That fake achar,took to vamachara and goes to a thantrik to take revenge on Rayaru. He takes help of the thanthrik to create a demon to suck Rayarus blood and thereby finish him off. That lady demon is after Rayaru but cannot even come near Rayaru. Makes lot off efforts but fails. It then turns to this fake achar and goes after him to suck his blood. Finally he rushes to Rayaru and requests him to ward off this devil, for which Rayaru agrees to save him. Pashchathapa saves him and the lady devil goes back to the thanthrik. Thar fake achar realises his mistake and becomes Rayaru's disciple.

Venkatanaatha Becomes Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy

When V visits ST, ST informs that DL's visit was to make him reject Life and it's desires. His (V) true purpose is to become a sanyasi (saint). With that in mind, V is made to perform funeral rites by dipping in Tungabhadra river for his own self and transform into Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy.

Venkatanatha taking a dip in Thungabadra river after performing his own funeral rights. Removal of yagnopavithra, discarding his clothes and changing over to Sanyasins dress and taking the Danda from senior gurugalu. Sri Sudheendratheertharu gave deeksha by pronouncing the upadesha manthra after performing pooja to Sri Madwaru. Sprinkling of Gagodhaka from Shanka. Sri Sudheendratheertharu also performs abhisheka with gurugalu holding a plateover his head in which is placed Moola Rama vigraha chanting vedic mantras and advising him to bring fame to Yahi varendaru of Sri Rayar Mutt and pronounces him as next Peethadhipathi and hold dignity of the parampare. 

Daridra Lakshmi Leaves

Disaster after disaster continues in V's house. Fresh flowers turn pale. Cows start to disappear. Land becomes barren. Very soon, there is no food in the house. Despite this, when farmers from neighboring districts come, V gives the stocked up savings away. Servants and maids in V's house go away for greener pastures. V, his wife and his son all suffer from hunger.

DL had informed V that she will go away when his wife goes to ST for help. Despite knowing this, he forbids his wife to go to ST although she suggests this. More sufferings.

Looks like finally V's wife went to ST to seek help anyways. DL would have left V alone then. 

Daridra Lakshmi Visits Venkatanaatha

‘Daridra Lakshmi’ (poor version of Goddess Lakshmi) visits Gopala (Lord Krishna playing about Earth as a boy) and asks what her next task is. Krishna asks her to go to V’s house. He also advises Her to seek permission from V and his Guru before going about Her task.

So when V is sleeping, DL aka Alakshmi visits V and asks his permission to go about Her task. V is mildly shocked and asks why she had to spray her doings in his house where all good deeds were going on. DL informs that she is just doing Her duty and that she was asked by the Lord Himself. Apparently making V poor and destroying his life will lead to a future good (Loka Kalyana). V says why permission but DL informs that since he is so strong in his chants and prayers and his good deeds that DL will not be able to survive without actually seeking V’s permission. So She needs his help to stay and make him poor, plainly because it is now his turn and that the Lord Himself desires so. V gives her permission.

Up in Lord’s Abode, Padmavathi is shocked to see DL visiting V and complains to Lord Venkateshwara about it but Lord informs that it is all part of pre-planned plot. He says that it is necessary for V to get rid of ‘Me’ and ‘Mine’ (naanu and nannadhu in Kannada) and for this to happen, DL had to visit V. Only then can V come out of the vicious cycle of Life and Death and Livelihood (samsaara in Kannada).

DL also visits ST. ST is shocked to see DL and asks what the visit is attributed for? DL says that she wishes to visit one of ST’s disciples. ST asks in what way can he stop Her from visiting for She has more powers than him. But She informs that although DL is an instance of Goddess Lakshmi who stays near Lord Vishnu, seers like ST are an instance of Lord Vishnu Himself and hence ST does have more power than her, and hence it is necessaray for Her to take permission from him. But why my disciple, asks ST. DL informs again that it is for the greater future good that she has to visit V. ST is sad that V has to suffer but his hands are tied. Specifically, DL informs that ST should act as if nothing is wrong and should not grace V with any helping aid during the ensuing days of V’s distress. ST agrees subdued.

Next day, in V’s house, as Mangalamma is carrying a pail of water, she collides with her hubby who is hitching a plot to steal the silver plate, and the pail of water spills all over the floor. V looks at the invisible DL and resigns to his Fate.

What an honor that the Goddess Herself has to take permission to cause trouble to one of her own creation!!

Mar 10, 2011

Sudheendra Theertha's Nephew Asks For Sanyaasathva

Much is happening at ST’s ashram. The new comer Mukundacharya (same person who had taken the gandha from V and given to the appliers) (who joined ashram after the miracle that V performed) and the ill-minded Achyuthacharya are at loggerheads. M teaches A a few lessons and soon shows that A is not so well versed that A thinks he is. Meanwhile, ST’s nephew continues to ask for sanyaasathva but ST denies him although the nephew knows all.

Venkatanaatha's generosity

V’s relatives try to dissuade V to stop running the vidya peeta but V pursues. V’s brother-in-law gets Srinivasacharya and his wife to assist V in day to day tasks. Mangalamma thinks her presence is no longer required but V and his wife say no but that they need additional help.

Once on the way, V and his wife and son sit in the same tree where V had taught the three ghosts a lesson. It all comes back to him about what he had told the ghosts (God had entered his soul then) but he thinks it is a dream.

V’s neighbour falls ill.The neighbour has a number of children and they are in poverty. So V’s wife gives milk to them all. Similarly, a few farmers from neighbouring village come to V’s house because of extreme hunger. V gives them all food and grains. V’s generosity is present for one and all.

Gopika Dies

V begets a son. No one trusts Mangalamma who is now taking care of the children in the absence of V’s wife who has gone to her mom’s house for giving birth to her son. Son is named Lakshmi Narayana. ST asks VT to see ‘The Great Person’ which VT had hinted will come to ST. V’s mom is becoming old. Her sole joy is to be with her grandson Lakshmi Narayana. So V’s wife comes home but finally V’s mom dies. However, just before she dies, she sees the past lives of Venkatanaatha – Shanku Karna, Prahallad, Bahalik King, Vyaasaraja Swamy. She is shocked when she sees his past lives and then she breathes last. There is much grief all around.


Meanwhile AT tries to steal ST’s nephew’s works but gets caught and is ashamed. ST’s nephew forgives him.
Meanwhile Thanjavur king honors ST and sings a song to him. It is borne upon the king that his neighbours are planning a war against him. So he asks army to get ready.
Meanwhile V saves a kid which has fallen own inside a well in a haunted house.

Mangalamma Tries To Poison The Children

Meanwhile, V’s wife becomes pregnant and there is happiness everywhere except Mangala (neighbour) who is jealous. She tries to convince everyone around her that V’s family is bad but is unsuccessful. She wishes harm to V’s family and hence poisons their milk hoping it will be given to the vidyapeeta children thus causing death and wholesome grief. But V’s wife accidentally slips the milk and it pours onto the floor except leaving only a few drops which she gives to Mangala who had asked for it earlier. Mangala unsuspecting that this milk is the same milk she had poisoned, drinks and suffers. V realizes that it is poison and saves her somehow. Mangala is ashamed and repents her action. Although she transforms herself, no one believes her.

Lord Krishna visits Venkatanaatha

Meanwhile the vidya peeta at Kaveripatnam grows and more and more children in surrounding towns start joining the vidya peeta. Venkatanaatha’s house becomes small for all the children flowing in. One day V gets a dream from Lord Krishna that LK will come as a disciple and V has to teach him too. V is shocked. LK says he might come as anyone – perhaps a lower caste student too. V agrees. After that incident, V sees Krishna in every new entrant! One fine day, a non Brahmin kid enters the house. Other Brahmin kids shoo him away but V sees that it is Lord Krishna Himself and runs after him but is unable to locate him.

Sudheendra Theertha's Nephew

Seer Sudheendra Theertha’s nephew returns to Seer ST after extended stay outdoors. He comes back (he would have undergone training and tutelage under ST earlier) resolved in thought that he wants to become sanyaasi. ST discusses with him in more detail. Achyutha Theertha wants to question the knowledge of ST’s nephew but loses big time. AT justs boasts whereas ST’s nephew knows all.

Meanwhile a learned traveler visits ST’s place and boasts of his knowledge. In the debate that ensues between the traveler, AT and ST’s nephew, the latter wins hands down. The traveler resumes his traveling having apologized for his ego. AT still does not accept that he is better than ST’s nephew.

Jan 22, 2011

Raghunatha Bhopala

Meanwhile, the King of Thanjavur Raghunath Bhopala visits Seer Sudheendra Theertha. Apparently when RB was still a small kid, his father the then King of Thanjavur asked the then seer Vijayandra Theertha to give all knowledge to Raghunath Bhopala. VT appointed ST for tutelage. ST, together with V’s father Thimmanna Bhat, taught RB accordingly. Even as a kid RB composed a grammatically very sound poem called Parijatha Harana which ST appreciated a lot. Now a king, RB gifts SR with gifts for making him a gifted and talented person. RB uses his education to make his kingdom one of the finest and makes more citizens literates. Also RB appreciates VT’s efforts in enhancing the education system in and around Thanjavur due to which Thanjavur has now progressed. RB prays in front of VT’s brindavan at Kumbakonam for a few minutes.

Money for Vidya Peeta

They head to their home in Kaveripatnam and finally reach. People there are pessimistic about him opening up vidya peeta. As his grandfather was unsuccessful, people think he too will be unsuccessful. V meditates for VT and asks if it will be successful. VT says yes. So gururaja and V, in need of money, think about asking money from farmers who are using the Mutt’s land for their gain since so many years. All farmers turn hostile towards V and Gururaja and refuse to give land’s profits to them. Gururaja tries to make them understand but when farmers say that they themselves are poor, V convinces Gururaja to let go of farmers. With whatever money he has, V starts the vidya peeta.

However soon after all the sackfuls of grain in every farmers’ house turns into mud. All farmers are shocked. They realize that this is because they turned down the request to give money to Mutt. Repenting their action, they finally yield and give their profits to Mutt as the land belongs to Mutt. Soon Vidya peeta functions smoothly.

Venkatanaatha chanting power miracle

Meanwhile next day morning, on their way again, V and his wife are confronted by fellow clan to attend a ceremony in the nearby town. They agree after hesitation. In the pooja ceremony, V is asked to help out in churning the gandha (sandalwood) to be served for Brahmins during lunch. V sets out in his task but while doing so, he chants the Agni sloka just so to be occupied during this monotonous task.

When the gandha is served to Brahmins during lunch, they get skin irritation and ‘fire’ kind of feeling. V is immediately suspected of putting masala powder. He comes to the scene and understands what has caused this issue. He immediately chants the Rain god sloka to bring in warmth and coolness. This too happens and all sufferers are relieved from burning pain. They are all shocked about what V has achieved – that of invoking God through sloka. They all bow to him. Those who had humiliated him after suspecting his mischief also ask for forgiveness. He is then honored by the host of the pooja ceremony. However, what he gets as honor he donates right then and there for another Brahmin. All are much pleased about this. He informs that his power of sloka is not meant for earning money.

Achyutha Theertha tries to steal from Venkatanaatha

V then visits VT’s Brindavan in Kumbakonam. He can feel VT wishing him well. ST then asks him to better the Vidya Peeta in Kaveripatnam and gives him some money. This is seen by Achyutha Theertha and this makes him jealous. To degrade V, AT thinks of stealing the money from V on V’s journey back to Kaveripatnam when they halt at night. When AT sends his followers to steal money, they are unable to do so. The money bag keeps distancing itself from them. Thus, AT’s followers drop the idea and admit defeat to AT who slaps them.

The story of Rajeshwari

Meanwhile, there is a spate of robberies going on in the town where V is staying, including his own house. Usual suspects are V’s neighbors (Mangala) and her hubby as they are known to be petty thieves and loud mouths but actually they aren’t. The actual thief is Mangala’s sister who is now dead but moving around as a devil. The devil is getting into Mangala’s hubby’s body at night and stealing jewelry in and around the locality. Finally, after months of thievery, Mangala’s hubby gets caught by the townsmen. When enquired, he feigns ignorance and says he doesn’t know anything although he is dressed in a saree. Finally, when he is being taken to the King’s palace to be hung, V comes to the rescue.

He asks townsmen to give a few minutes of their time and shows how the devil has gotten into Mangala’s hubby’s body. He separates the body from the devilish soul and asks what the story is all about. Story is thus:

Long ago when the devil aka Rajeshwari aka Raji was happily married to a priest, Mangala and her hubby had visited their house. Their house had Temple jewelry that day but when Mangala left the house, the jewelry went missing. Raji knows Mangala stole it but latter denies. King finally hangs raji’s hubby but Mangala never admits the robbery. Hearing the fate of her hubby, Raji commits suicide but her soul is not satisfied because revenge is not yet taken on her sister Mangala. So in the devilish form, she has entered Mangala’s hubby’s body and committed the crime so as to get him to die too and make Mangala commit suicide. Finally V talks her out of it and alls well that ends well.

Vijayendra Theertha passes away

V and his wife enjoy the life of a newly wed. So much so that they both are not able to concentrate on God during prayers. V’s mom notices it and is happy.

Meanwhile Vijayandra Theertha realizes his time has come to an end. He informs so to Sudheendra Theertha who is shocked. People in the Mutt too are shocked. Some old-timers (who had initially given pains to Kanakachala Bhat (V’s granddad)) are also suffering from old age and want to die but VT says that the pontiff who will be appointed next only can give them the grants to die. People wonder who the next pontiff is going to be. In his last minutes, VT informs all to be good and do well and mesmerize in the Lord’s thoughts. He finally lies down to sleep and passes out of this world. He had by then authored 108 books of high significance. His contribution to the Dwaitha Philosophy is extreme.

News of VT’s death comes to V through his dream. In the dream, VT informs V that all is going as per plan but there is still lots to do and V should do so accordingly. Dwaitha Philosophy’s future depends on V, is what VT says to V in his dreams and then passes away (dies). V suddenly wakes up and thinks it was just a nightmare only to hear the actual news next day morning. He is shell shocked and feels he is orphaned. The house is filled with gloom.

Dec 19, 2010

Venkatanaatha goes to Kaveripatnam

Soon news comes that Saraswati is matured. So V and Saraswati spend their first night together. ST gives opinion to Gururaja to allow V to take care of a vidyapeeta after Gururaja himself declares unfit for such a role but Gururaja tells ST that V too is unfit although V agrees. ST indicates that family issues might arise due to family now being big but Gururaja does not think so.

One day Gururaja asks V to take care of a field work. But seeing 2 disciples running away from Vidya peeta, V is way laid and in turn starts helping them out with their studies. Gururaja comes to the field and does not see V anywhere. He is extremely angered and scolds V at end of day in front of all family members. Gururaja’s wife is not happy about Gururaja’s anger.

V’s wife is sad about the humiliation. She suggests staying apart. V tells her about ST’s offer of staying in Kaveripatnam. V’s wife likes the idea. Eavesdropping this, V’s mom tells Gururaja about dissecting the family into two homes. Gururaja is shocked but is unable to convince. So, V, his wife and his mom move to Kaveripatnam.

In Kaveripatnam, the current residents still remember Kanakachala Bhatt and his son Thimmanna Bhat who is V’s father. They speak highly of the two. Nostalgia makes V and his mom sad. They are given a place of shelter – same as the place where Kanakachala Bhat stayed. V and his wife clean the house and make themselves home.

Due to V’s policy of not taking any gifts from others, he is soon bereft of money and food and hunger strikes the family. V is unable to make enough from Vidya Peeta. Seeing this, Gururaja sends stuff. V rejects. V’s rich in-laws send stuff. V rejects. The in-laws complain to V’s brother-in-law and sister who visit V to convince him that accepting stuff is not wrong esp when a family of wife and mother is dependent on him. After hours of debate, V is finally convinced that what he is doing is wrong and hence accepts the stuff from his brother. After a long duration, V’s wife and mom have a nice dinner.

Venkatanaatha excels in Studies

One Achyutha is not happy about the progress V is making in terms of education and knowledge. He is jealous. When ST asks some tough questions, A is unable to answer but V answers. So one day when V is studying hard at night in creating some scriptures, A visits V slyly and the moment V sleeps, steals the scriptures. He catches V off guard the next day about the scriptures. But Naani who had witnessed the whole incident slyly comes to V’s rescue and gives V the scriptures which V had created. This makes A twitch in anger.

Another day when a complicated topic is taught by Surendra Theertha Swamy, V notices that none in the class has understood. When after class he informs all to teach the same, no one responds enthusiastically and all go to sleep. However, V continues to study till wee hours of night outside under a bonfire. Seeing this, ST realizes that V is none other than his Master’s Master re-birth. So, he places his own shawl on V to save him from cold.

Next day when A sees this, he thinks V has stolen ST’s shawl and complains accordingly. But ST informs him the truth and tells all the V was working on writing a summary for Jaya Theertha’s Sudha Paata which is supposed to be extremely tough in understanding. Apparently V’s Summary is very easy to understand and seeing this, Vijayandra Theertha Swamy confer on V the name of ‘Parimala’ and also name V’s book as ‘Parimala Sudha’. VT is very happy with V.

Venkatanaatha Marries

Needless to say, Venkatanaatha wins the battle. It is a high strung battle of wisdom and knowledge. The debate goes on for hours but ultimately Venkatanaatha wins. The King of Madurai is much honored to have him in his city and honours him and asks him to sing a song for him. Venkatanaatha obliges.

Meanwhile, there is much talk of V’s wedding. V keeps saying no but his family keeps insisting him. Then one day, Surendra Theertha Swamy comes in V’s dream and asks him why he is saying no to wedding. To this, V says that V knows he is destined to become a Swami one day, renouncing life- so why to waste a girl’s life. To this, S says that it is but fate for the young lady to let go of her husband and it is also destined for V to marry in this life and overcome the lust of marriage. V once more pleads that it is not right for him to marry a girl despite knowing his future but S says that V is becoming self centric and egoistic to solve all of world’s problems. This shames V. He suddenly wakes up to feel a change in him. As a surprise to all, he agrees to see the girl. Very soon, his marriage takes place but since the girl Saraswati is a minor, she is asked to stay in her mom’s place and V is asked to learn higher Vedic concepts under the tutelage of Surendra Theertha Swamy.

Nov 7, 2010

Prep for Adwaitha Vs Dwaitha Battle

Kumbakonam Pontiffs Sudheendra Theertha (ST) and Vijayendra Theertha (VT) come to Madurai. ST informs V’s BIL that they heard about V’s antics with the King. BIL is guilty about not informing the episode himself to the Pontiffs but ST informs that BIL need not be guilty. Sometimes the news spread faster than fire. Anyways. ST informs that for Truth, there will always be tests and this was one such test. He asks V to study even further and become as much educated as possible. VT then sees V and blesses him good luck. VT too asks him some basic questions like ‘Who is sanyaasi?’ etc which V answers proficiently. VT asks some questions from his own book too to test V’s understanding of Madhwacharya’s Dwaita philosophy.

Meanwhile, ST tells V’s BIL that a major test for V is on the cards. Although the King was satisfied with V’s ability, some in the Court’s members, who are deemed Knowledge experts want a competition with one of the famed Knowledge Gurus of South India. This person is known never to have lost any debate with anyone and is a staunch follower of Adwaitha philosophy. So, for the battle of Adwaitha Vs Dwaitha where the Learned battle out against the Disciple, the stage is set.

Venkatanaatha Versus Krishnappa Nayak

Back in Madurai, V is playing his veena in divine mood in Kali temple when Madurai King Krishnappa Nayaka suddenly enters the temple. Listening to the divine rendition, he immediately asks his chieftain to ask V to play the veena in the Queen’s palace. V humbly refuses. He informs that he is still a disciple and his rendition is only for the Goddess and not for Kings and Queens. This infuriates the King and his chieftain. They come to know that his BIL is the guru and BIL is called for at the King’s Palace.

Much debate ensues about V rejecting to play Veena in the Palace. Many think he should have because the King is considered as the God and one should not refuse the God. Many feel King’s fury has no end and it is better to perform as ordered rather than die. But V is a class apart and he does what is right. So when V’s BIL ventures to the King’s palace, V too accompanies.

In the palace, V’s BIL apologises for V’s behavior but V says that there is nothing to be sorry about. He insists that his rendition is only for Goddess Saraswati and is not meant for public entertainment even if the public is the King himself. This impresses the king and he asks V a lot of questions about Dharma, Truth, King, Arishadvarga, etc for which V answers magnificently and the King is very much impressed. Finally the king understands that he was being selfish and V’s actions were indeed correct. So he respects V and lets him go. Everyone at home is relieved and happy about V.

Venkatanaatha refuses marriage

Back home, story of S being tied with V makes waves and immediately V’s mom asks Gururaja to initiate V’s wedding plans. So G goes to Kumbakonam and talks to Pontiff Sudheendra Theertha who tells him about Vasudevacharya’s daughter whose name is also coincidentally Saraswati. But G worries that Vasudevacharya is a rich person and it might not be a best fit. When news comes to V, he flatly refuses marriage.

The story of the Dharmaadhaakari

In Madurai, people are very happy to see V due to his radiance and knowledge. He is answerable to all knowledge questions. In one such instance, there is a talk of the temple’s Dharmaadhaakari being on death bed. People try to get astrologers to check if his life span can be increased but V says that his life has neared its end. But nobody will listen to him. Even astrologer informs that his stars are not in the right position.

There is a push by his (Dharmaadhaakari) near ones to obtain that Dharmaadhaakari post (and wealth) but he is unwilling to give away the post. So his near ones want to get him married to a girl from poor family so that the near ones can control the bride’s life and Dharmaadhaakari’s money. V is totally against this. But the Chief Astrologer informs vaguely that in case the Dharmaadhaakari (D) gets married to this poor girl, his life span might increase. V is angered at this because he knows that that is not true. But no one pays heed to him. D’s brother-in-law and sister and their son is desperate to get the wealth and the one way of doing this is by controlling the poor girl after she becomes a widow.

In spite of V’s valiant efforts, the marriage happens. For V’s ‘butting-his-nose’ attitude, V’s brother-in-law (BIL) gets a mouthful from D’s BIL. So V’s BIL tells V to mind his own business and not poke his nose into other family matters. But V is concerned about the poor girl (Saraswati (S))’s life and especially her life as a widow. So V even comes to the wedding hall but is obstructed and sent out forcefully.

Soon after marriage, D gets to death bed. S is very sad and is trying all in her power to get D back on life but is failing. D’s BIL spreads word around that S is a very dedicated wife and is a very obedient and traditional wife.The idea is that once D dies, they want to convince the world that S, on her own, chooses to do Sati (entering husband’s pyre alive to attain moksha). Finally D dies. As planned, word is spread around that S will enter pyre. S herself is shocked but she is then brainwashed about the difficulties of leading a widowed life and hence she too thinks she was destined for Sati and hence agrees, as if in a trance.

Once she enters the pyre, V enters the scene and appeals to the audience to stop this nonsense which is amounting to murder. He bares all facts and asks if any of the womenfolk present also get into Sati. No one agrees. No man wants it too. Then V informs that S’s entering pyre is all part of master plan from D’s BIL to get the wealth. Then people realize the truth. The Chief Astrologer too comes and tells that when he saw S’s kundali (birth-chart), he found that her first husband will die and in her second marriage, she will attain bliss. Noticing that D was anyhow going to die, he informed all that this was an ideal marriage for both D and S. Now that D was dead, S should be set free to seek her happiness. D’s BIL and family are fuming to see their plan go kaput but sensing that the people around were all against them, they finally succumb and S comes out of her trance.

But although she does not die, she cannot enter hubby’s house because she had decided to do Sati, she cannot go back to parents’ house because she is married. People around ask V to marry her but V is shocked. He says that his role was just to save her life and not that of a hubby. So he asks her to just go away and seek shelter where she finds it best and she leaves the town. Thus ends the story of Dharmadhaakari. It is not clear who finally got Dharmadhaakari’s wealth!

Venkatanaatha becomes an adult

Meanwhile, Venkataamba is pregnant, just as V had told. BIL and sis are happy and thank V for his prediction. News reaches Gopikamba and she is very happy.

Life goes on and V becomes an adult. Gururaja completes his studies and is on par with his dead father in terms of education. So he takes leave from the pontiff and heads back to his house. Gururaja too becomes a father.

Venkatanaatha vouches for Lower Caste again

Meanwhile, V’s studies go on smoothly. Once, when he is in temple, a lower caste person calls for the priest to assist his ailing cow. Since priest was not present, V gives him Theertha (sacred water), flower, etc although the person refuses. Still V insists. The priest suddenly enters the premises and sees V giving him Theertha and scolds him. But V informs him that in front of God, all Men are equal and there are no distinctions. The priest refuses to understand. He proceeds to complain against him. But V knows that what he did was right and that the Scriptures does not differentiate amongst different Men and hence he is confident that he is right and if he is punished by mortal Men, he shall be left unscathed because of God’s love.

At home, his brother-in-law (BIL) scolds him a lot for getting astray. He teaches him that although God created Fire and Water, it doesn’t imply that Fire and Water is same. Although sugar and bitter guard is created by God, it doesn’t imply that both are same. So each have to be distinguished. Similarly, lower caste and Brahmins are to be divided. But V says that both fire and water have their own uniqueness. Pooja is done to fire and Man cannot live without water. Sugar is used in sweets and bitter guard is used as medicines. So, there is value for everyone. To this, BIL says that since Lower caste people do not keep themselves clean, they are untouchables. To this, V says that lower caste are unclean because of their nature of work. And they are working to give food to Brahmins. If they are unclean, it is the duty of every Brahmin to teach them the best way to lead life. BIL gets angry and asks him to do as he says and follow what he orders as long as he stays in his house.

Narayanachar (Naani) visits Vijayendra Theertha and Sudheendra Theertha. The pontiffs ask what made Naani visit them. Naani tells them that V is asking for lower caste people to attend Temples, etc. Is it fair? Naani is scared about V. The pontiffs say that all will be well. Vijayendra Theertha says that V has seen future light and V has power to lead this light in future. Sri Hari is filled in V and V will be safe. Naani’s concern vanishes.

Venkataamba wants a child

V’s sis’s (Venkataamba) has not given birth to any child even after years of marriage. So when one neighbour comes and calls her for a newborn’s ceremony, another neighbour scolds her for inviting Venkataamba because if Venkataamba is barren, then the child may suffer diseases similar to the child which suffered diseases since 1 year as a result of Venkataamba touching and caressing that child during it’s new born ceremony. Hearing this gossip, Venkataamba and V are much depressed.

When Venkataamba is crying about this, her husband tries to console her and tells her that since her mother took 10 years to bear children, perhaps she too might take 10 years to bear children. To this, Venkataamba says that just like her mother, she might have to go to Tirumala to seek Lord Venkateshwara’s blessings. Hearing this, V tells her not to trouble herself as she is pregnant and she will soon give birth to a child. His brother-in-law is shocked but his sister is very happy to hear this as she trusts V’s sixth sense.

Oct 4, 2010

Upanayanam for Venkatanaatha

In Madurai, V sits in front of Kali temple and prays to Her to allow him to talk to his father TB. After much begging, Goddess Kali delivers TB to V. TB speaks to V and informs him not to ask for him as he is on his way to Heaven and it is not right to bring back the dead. He also tells V to study properly and achieve stardom. Finally V lets go of him.

Meanwhile, Gururaja is told by Sudheendra Theertha pontiff to perform Upanayanam to V in order to bring some cheer to Family. Since its been more than a year since TB died, its fine to do Upanayanam to V. Everyone in the family is happy about this decision.

Upanayanam goes fine. V asks some questions about Upanayanam like Gopichandan, Mudras, etc which his broter-in-law (Lakshmi Narasimhachar) answers. V is happy to perform the Upanayanam.

After Upanayanam is complete, V does not want to go back to Madurai because he does not want to leave his mother. However, his mom insists him that he should go to Madurai, complete his studies and once he achieves stardom, her responsibilities come to closure and she can attain the life of her husband’s. With great difficulty, he leaves Ramachandrapura and his mom and goes to Madurai, where he now learns to do pooja full-fledged.

Sep 30, 2010

Venkatanaatha goes to Madurai

Soon, relatives who had gathered in TB’s house start leaving. Naani too leaves. V is much sad that Naani had to leave. He tries hard to stop him but Naani says that him being a bachelor, he should not be in that house which is yet to see a number of happy celebrations. Finally Naani too bids adieu.

V and Gopikamba both dream about TB. While latter dreams about TB taking away V, V dreams about TB informing him to study hard and excel in life. Days pass with both Gopika and V remembering life with TB.

Finally, noticing that V needs a change of place, V’s sister offers to take him to his house in Madurai. But at Madurai too, V is desolate and sad. So, one day V’s sister’s husband offers to take V to Vidyapeeta so that V can spend some time with children of his age. In vidyapeeta, there are lot of educated people discussing about Literature and Scriptures. V asks some spiritual questions like ‘What is Dharma?’ etc and is interested in the wide variety of response.

Meanwhile, Gopika is too sad herself. She is once alone in the house and she feels too lonely. So she shouts at TB’s soul to take her away too so that she can be once again be united with him. Hearing her shout, Gururaja and his wife come and console her.

V is now keeping himself busy. He visits temples and asks priests theosophical questions. He once asks why Durga is called so. The priest responds thus:

Once upon a time there was a demon called Durgama. Durgama tries to understand why demons don’t have power whereas the Demi-gods (devatas) had. He realizes that it is due to Vedas. Since demi-gods have Vedas, they are powerful than Demons. So, Durgama does penance for years together and finally Brahma is forced to fulfill Durgama’s wishes. Durgama asks for Vedas which Brahma is forced to give. After doing so, world comes to a standstill as the demi-gods lose their power. Rivers run dry, scorching heat everywhere, famine, etc. When demi-gods pray for Goddess Lakshmi, she saves the world. She approaches Durgama and unleashes all her Anger Power and kills Durgama. Hence she is called Durga devi. Also, since she gives (shakahaari) vegetarian food to saints before the death of Durgama, she was also called Shaakambari (story needs to be validated).

Meanwhile, messengers are sent from Vijayandra Theertha Swamy to Gopikamba to ask Gururaja to visit their shrine soon.

Sep 19, 2010

Venkatanaatha is inconsolable

Vijayendra Theertha and Sudheendra Theertha are talking about TB’s untimely death. Former says that this is all God’s play for what’s gonna happen soon. Former gives example of Dasharatha and Kausalya giving birth to Rama and suffering so much despite bearing Vishnu a life. Same thing is happening here. He again hints that V has a long way to go. V is answerable to lot of worldly questions.

Meeanwhile TB’s family grieves TB’s death. V is the most inconsolable of the lot. He plays veena just the same way TB played Veena when TB’s parents died. Naani sees this and cannot help comparing. When kin try to console him, he asks questions about Death, about Soul, about need for his mom to shave her head and wear a red dress. He asks if TB’s soul will be happy seeing Gopika thus. No one is able to answer V’s questions.

When he asks his brother-in-law about current status of TB, latter replies that TB’s soul will be traveling to Heaven for the next 1 year and in this 1 year, it will suffer for all the mistakes it did. Then. V asks why people have to suffer after their death for their actions if the actions were initiated by God Himself in the first place – after all, if God didn’t will it, then how can Man perform the ill-actions? So why should Man be punished if he is just a puppet? Again, no one is able to answer V’s questions.

Thimmanna Bhat Dies

Sons arrive and TB asks Gopika for privacy. Gopika leaves crying. TB advises sons to take care of themselves. He says this might be the last chance for him to speak freely lest his body fails further. He asks Gururaja to take care of V and also to become a famous pundit after undergoing studies with Sudheendra Theertha. He also informs how in near future there is going to be a massive change in the world, where atheists will become theists and miracles defy science. Gururaja says he cannot understand, but TB hints that the answer is within the room. But neither Gururaja nor V understand the significance that the answer is V. TB advises further and asks them to be truthful and lead life honestly. He says that he can see his end and both sons are crying.

At night, TB hears Vijayendra Theertha saying that he has done all he has to do in life, so he might as well move on. TB wakes up and almost bids farewell to all his dearest – the idols, the veena instrument, etc. With love, he plays the veena and prays to God. Hearing the song, all in the family come and see him. TB finishes his singing. He remembers his entire life. He rests his head on the veena and then breathes his last. In the mid of night, Vijayendra Theertha – at his resting place - realizes that TB is dead and wakes up and wishes him well. TB is cremated.

Sep 15, 2010

Thimmanna Bhat falls ill

Then, V goes out to play veena. His friends come and ask him to join in child’s play but he refuses stating that he had to learn a lot. Kids say that it isn’t the age but V says that there is no age to learn and that the entire childhood should not be wasted in playing. So the other kids start following V.

Meanwhile, TB and Gopika arrive back home. TB is very tired. He is hardly able to speak and stand. They relate their pilgrimage in great detail to household. They inform about having been to daughter’s house and also visit to Sudheendra Theertha Brindavan in Madurai, after which they went to Rameshwaram and performed religious rites for 15 days. All are happy that TB and wife have come back safely although sons chastise TB for having lost health. But TB says it is more of a duty than a leisure activity. Saying so, he suddenly falls ill.

He is bedridden. Doc arrives and tells everyone that he is suffering from a mental disease more than a physical disease. Everyone tries to convince TB to speak his mind out instead of locking it up within himself but he still doesn’t open up. One day, he gets up and wants to talk to his sons. Gopika wishes to die as a married person than as a widow. So she is fervently hoping. So he asks him not to talk about deathly things and encourages him to live for the future when V might perhaps become a great person. For this, TB says that indeed V will become a great person and be the shining light for millions of people but he wonders if he will be alive to see it. Gopika is shocked at his words. Gopika pleads him not to speak thus.

Venkatanaatha cures Gururaja of shivering

They think G is dead initially. But when they wake him up, he wakes up and they are all happy that he is alive. But G is shivering uncontrollably due to fear. They then search for V. They find V sleeping under that same mango tree where the devils reside (now chanting Vishnu’s name). They wake V too. V is very happy and fresh after having slept in nature. They ask if he wasn’t afraid but he said no one bothered him and he had a fitful sleep. He only regrets having missed the night’s music ceremony. They then head back happy that no one is killed.

In the house, G is still shivering. K tries to remove the shiver by traditional belief but she is unsuccessful. G and his wife decide to go to a temple. But when V assists him G in getting up (when V’s hand touches G), the shiver goes off from G’s body and he is fit and fine. This surprises everybody but they think that its because of what K had done.

Sep 11, 2010

The story of the 3 devils

Meanwhile, in their house, Kamala (K) comes to Gururaja (G) and V. Gururaja keeps V inside the house to avoid him in making mistakes outside house. So V says if he is kept in house, truth will not be kept inside. So K asks V to be grown up after which his words will be heard and assimilated. Then, K informs about an all night song ceremony of Purandaradasa Festival in a house nearby in Chandrapura which K cannot attend because of prior commitments. So G and V proceed.

On the way, V talks about Purandaradasa in great detail. G is very devoted to Purandaradasa, he informs how P used to recite songs on Lord’s behalf and how his children wrote down due to which most songs are now documented and sung. G asks how V knows so much about Purandaradasa. This may be due to V’s prior life (Vyasaraja) but V assimilates it to having studied a book on Purandaradasa.

It is pretty late in the night. G and V encounter a fork in the road. Both go to Chandrapura but one road is less traveled. G proceeds with the commonly used road but V informs that the less traveled road is a short cut. On their way, they encounter a person who recognizes them as TB’s sons. This person informs that the correct road is via the commonly used road and not this short cut. He then goes on to say that this particular road has a mango tree upon which are 3 devils. He relates his own story about how one night he was going on this path and the 3 devils attacked him. With great difficulty, he was able to get away from the 3 devils by chanting a Shiva sloka.

Hearing this, G and V are persuaded to go back and use the longer route but V runs away before anyone can stop him. G runs behind him but V would have gained lot of distance. V finally comes to the mango tree but he doesn’t see any devils. He rests near the tree to wait till G comes but G, meanwhile, has fallen down near a skull and is his in wit’s end. He is too scared to even more. He is perspiring as if he has seen his death. With fear, he faints.

The 3 devils attack G and decide to suck his blood. At the same time, Lord Venkateshwara enter V’s soul and saves G from dying. The 3 devils try to attack V but when they touch V, they get a shock. They suffer from severe shock and they feel captured. They are unable to move. But V tries to free their souls. They inform how they have lead their lives – the Brahmin devil had took money from pilgrims; the courier devil had spied on his king; the doctor devil had looted money. So they are not sure if they can free themselves from their enormous ‘paapa’.

So V informs that they have to chant Hari’s name so that they can be freed from devilhood. He advises them that this is the time to do some good and get freed; repent what was done in their lives, and they can finally reach Heaven. Since they are not doing good and since they made lot of mistakes during manhood, they were neither in earth nor in Heaven and hence they were devils and if they continue their current lifestyle, they will continue to be devils for millions of years. This makes sense to the devils and they agree to chant Narayan’s name. Once they start chanting, they will become good and vanish into thin air.

Meanwhile, V’s soul comes back into V whose body is still sleeping under the tree.

Sun rises and the person who had warned G and V not to venture comes back on the path with some more men to search for G and V. They find G’s fainted body.

Thimmanna Bhat Hints too

Meanwhile, TB is very tired on his way to Rameshwara. TB and wife decide on resting before proceeding. They rest soon to see that there is no water. So TB proceeds to get water. He gets water. Gopika gives TB some food. TB empathises with Gopika about the pilgrimage especially because Gopika wanted to stay at home with family. But Gopika informs that she is happy with the pilgrimage.

When TB gives him food, TB asks her to take it first. He says that customs should change as per the situation. So he says that he will have one bite and then she should consume food too. She appreciates him that even though they have 3 kids, he loves her so much. Bu he informs her that she has stood by him for so many tough years and he appreciates her for that.

He then tells her about the dream he had got about his Guru asking him to teach the sacred song Gandharva Gaana to V. Once done, he felt like visiting Rameshwar. So Gopika asks how a person chanting Vishnu wants to visit Shiva. But TB hints about him feeling nearing end of his life and hence the visit. Gopika chastises him.

Venkatanaatha saves the non-Brahmin boy

Meanwhile, V is trying to help Kamala in her food-preparation. But she insists on doing everything herself. V too insists on helping the female folk. But Gururaja comes and gives him the elderly attitude and shoves him away to playground.

In the playground to where V goes, one of the boys falls from the tree when the others are playing. The kids do not want to help him as the victim belongs to a lower caste. But V is unfazed. He goes to the kid and touches him. The other Brahmin kids are shocked. They desert V fearing being ousted from community. But V informs that being Brahmin does not mean not to help the needy. But the other Brahmin kids run away. They consider V now as outcast because he touched a lower caste person. The parents of the other kids too shun him away. V informs the parents that first we are Men, then we are Brahmin and helping needy is utmost priority. But the parents degrade him and tell that he should be punished. V informs that God is there to punish him if need be and they need not bother V. The parents then go and conspire against him.

The boy’s parents come and rescue the boy from V. V wants to come with them. But the boy’s parents do not want him to come with them because of differences in caste and creed.

The Brahmin parents (BP) come to Gururaja and complain against V’s antics in Brahmin agrahara. The BP are concerned about their own kids. They give Gururaja their own peace of mind. V meanwhile comes to the house and informs them that helping another man is not against the Vedas. V said that God didn’t create any castes. But Gururaja scolds him for talking back to elders.

But the debate goes on. BP inform that Brahmins are greatest because they came from Brahma and also the upper portion of Lord Vishnu. V informs that by neglecting one’s own legs, can one go to temple? Can one bear the prick of a thorn on the feet? So one should not degrade different parts of the body.

BP informs that Brahmins are the foremost people. So V says that the fundamental flaw in the argument is that each person will appreciate his own caste as the upper most caste. Then BP ask how is it feasible to stay in cahoots with lower caste people. V replies that if farmers didn’t exist, then how to have food. If warriors didn’t exist, how to defend country, etc. So Brahmins should co-exist with all other castes.

V informs that rice, safety and food are the only things that all Man needs. Without Vedas people can survive but without the above 3, it is not easy to survive. Seeing that BP were losing the verbal battle, they seek Gururaja’s assistance and tell him to wash V in Cow’s urine and wash his tongue using dried grass and make him pure so that agrahara will be a better place. They also mention rice in the purity process but V points out that rice was created by lower caste people.

Gururaja asks the BP to leave and tackles V. V informs that if lower and upper caste is not there, then there is issue of purity. V also asks that even if V is washed in the outer layer, what of the inner thoughts? Gururaja cannot take it anymore and orders his wife to purify V using Cow’s urine and dried grass, etc.

Sudheendra Theertha Hints

Naani visit Sudheendra Theertha (ST). Naani gives TB’s news of pilgrimage. ST backs up TB’s action. He even says 2nd Hoovilli in the house was alright as long as ordered by TB’s Swami. Also, in his mind, ST can see the future and inform Naani that doing Hoovilli through Gopika (when she was married) was the right thing to do. Apparently, since Shiva is the Destroyer (a kind of Lord of Death), it is good to visit Rameshwar to bid final salutes.

Thimmanna Bhat Leaves for Rameshwaram

Gopika questions why Rameshwaram. But TB does not answer. She complains that Kamala is yet young and might not be able to handle the house. But TB is adamant. He says that that’s how they learn. He also insists that a Hoovilli (donation to 5 married women) has to be done in the memory of his mother. But generally, 2 Hoovilli is not done in a household within 1 year. 1 Hoovilli was already done in wedding. So another Hoovilli should not have been done. So Gopika is again shocked. But TB insists that this has to be done after which they have to go to Rameshwara and that will end their responsibilities. Gopika is shocked. There is a hint about a death in the family, perhaps TB’s own which also explains his lugubriousness.

Hoovilli is done. People enquire as to why Hoovilli is done so soon after a wedding. They also wonder why Rameshwara so soon after wedding. But TB and Gopika are silent. They suspect relations between parents-in-law and new daught-in-law. But not so.

Packing starts for Rameshwara. Children and daughter in law ask if they can accompany but TB says no. TB says its not their age yet. TB asks Gururaja to take responsibility to take care of farmland, house, Pooja, V’s children, etc. Since responsibility and wedding has both come in one shot, Gururaja might take it to head, so asks Gururaja to take caution. TB says expected arrival might be about 2-3 months. TB says V to give importance to education.

Then, TB and Gopika leave for their pilgrimage.

Sep 1, 2010

Thimmanna Bhat continues to worry

Venkatamba and his hubby approach TB and ask him what is bothering him. TB says he is fine. But former says that Gopika informed that TB is in a constant worry that he is not sharing. TB says that nothing is wrong and all is well. Although TB is worrying about V’s future, he doesn’t share.

Venkatamba’s hubby then approaches V asks V why he is not playing around like other boys but concentrating more on Veena and Vedas. V says that he is immersed in Knowledge and his play and games is all in knowledge and that’s where his fun lies. Saying so, he invites the former for a game in Knowledge and asks him more theology questions like Artha Shaastra, why suffering amongst people, etc. Venkatamba’s hubby answers to the best extent possible.

TB approaches Gopika to inform thus: Need to go to Rameshwar. (This too was informed by Vijayendra Theertha in the dream after V was taught the Kalyani Raaga sacred song but he doesn’t mention so to her) .

Gururaja gets married

Gururaja’s marriage goes off well and Kamala assumes responsibility as the daughter in law of the house.

Seeing the marriage, V asks his dad about the necessity of marriage. TB informs that marriage is an essential part of a man’s life. Only through marriage, man can fulfill 3 dues (parents’ (for the sacrifices they had done in bringing him up), ancient saints’ (for making complex topics like geography, mathematics, science, etc easy to understand) and God’s (for providing such a beautiful environment, fruits, etc). TB also goes on to tell about the importance of being a Brahmin and how precious it is to take birth as a Brahmin.

Dream fulfilled

TB wakes up suddenly and remembers the dream he had just had. He is a shocked state. At dawn, he informs Gopika to get Gururaja married as time is nearing end. Gopika doesn’t understand but is joyous about son’s wedding. Daughter is already married to a Vidwan in the King’s court.

Conversations ensue in the household to hunt a bride for Gururaja. Finally they decide on Gopika’s brother’s daughter Kamala.

When one day TB is drawing water from the well, Vijayendra Theertha again flashes in front of him and again reminds him that TB has not yet taught the sacred and secret rendition to V. Vijayendra Theertha also says that this act will suffice TB’s gurudakshina to Vijayendra Theertha. TB apologises the delay and immediately arranges next day to have the house empty. During that time, TB informs V about the sacred and secret Gaandhaara song in the Kalyani raga and its specialties (to be sung only twice in lifetime, and not to be taught to anyone, etc). He also tells V how he won in the Thanjavur concert. With deep concentration, V learns this sacred song.

Thimmanna Bhat gets a Dream

V’s antics and miracles are endless. His interests in theology are insatiable and the unanswerable questions keep coming. When he is sleeping one night, TB and Gopika see radiance in this face never seen before. They wonder what different they did in bringing him up that he has become so different from his siblings but couldn’t pinpoint on anything.

One night, TB sees Vijayendra Theertha in his dream. During the musical concert in Thanjavur that TB had participated and won (a face-saving event because Thanjavur was losing to a competitor) long time ago, TB had learnt a divine rendition called Gaandhaara Graama in Kalyani Raaga. It was this song that he had sung in Thanjavur to ultimately win the tournament. But the fact of the matter was that he had learnt this rendition from Vijayendra Theertha himself who had taught him (rather helped him in singing it in the Thanjavur concert). Vijayendra Theertha also had told him not to teach this rendition to anyone until and unless he gives permission and even if taught, it should not be sung more than twice in the entire lifetime. TB’s one-time is already used up during the concert. The second time, Vijayendra Theertha orders him in the dream, TB is to teach this rendition to V. Vijayendra Theertha also informs that time is nearing completion and tasks have to be done in a hurry. Thus the dream ends.

Aug 31, 2010

Vijayendra Theertha hints about future

One day, some messengers from Kumbakonam come to TB’s house and deliver a message to TB. When TB reads the message, he is shell shocked. It is not shown to the viewers but it is apparent that its contents have information related to V’s future. Gopika asks about the contents of the letter but TB is asked in the letter not to reveal the contents to anyone and hence he doesn’t utter a word.

Bewildered by the way V is growing up and soon after TB reads the letter, TB and Gopika take V to Kumbakonam to get blessings from Vijayendra Theertha. V sits very near to Vijayendra Theertha and TB chastises him. But Vijayendra Theertha says that it is fine because he is a kid and kids are equivalent to God.

Vijayendra Theertha also reminds TB about the letter he had sent. TB is pained at heart. Vijayendra Theertha also tells TB and his wife to allow V to do whatever he wants.

Aug 30, 2010

Venkatanaatha's antics

V asks his parents about Maaya. He asks them about how to cleanse both inner and outer layers of the body. He questions religious speakers on topics like Aham Brahmasmi and Aajanmapurusha. He questions his parents about doing yearly funeral ceremonies to the departed. Most of his questions are unanswerable due to the deep theosophies involved and his parents are at a loss to answer him.

One day when V is in the living room and mom is in the kitchen, a beggar comes and asks for some rice. V promptly gives the rice to the beggar. When Gopika comes, she asks him about the jewelry that was in the rice bowl. But V is not aware of the jewelry in the rice bowl. So he says that the beggar was destined to have the jewelry. But mom is not convinced.

When mom and son are still arguing about the matter, the beggar returns to the house to return back the jewelry and mom is overjoyed about the honesty. However V informs the beggar that they will not take it back as they had vowed not to take anything from others. His mom is shocked and is forced not to take it although the beggar insists. Finally V convinces the beggar that the jewelry is actually his and not their own now that it was given to him. Finally beggar relents and takes the jewelry with him but Gopika is not happy about this and complains to TB that they are not bringing up V appropriately as he cannot lead life like this.

Venkatanaatha's Miracles

One day when Venkatanaatha is playing with a ball along with his friends, he tosses the ball to his brother who is near the walk-way. But he misses the target and hits a grand old woman on the back who is limping with terrible back pain. All the boys run away fearing tirade but V comes to the old woman and apologises. To his astonishment, her back ache has vanished and she thanks V for getting her relived from the decade-long back-ache. V's brother is astonished.

Another day when V and her mom are walking back home in the fields, they encounter a group of running villagers. Upon asking, it is learnt that a small boy is bit by a snake and is almost dying. All villagers are sad that the boy is about to die. V suddenly runs and holds a stone on the snake-bit location on the boy. The stone turns blue and the poison is thus sucked out of the boy and the boy lives. The mother is astonished.

Then another day, a young man is on his death bed. His parents are crying and everyone thinks that this is his last day. The young man is having heavy breathing issue and his breath is coming in gasps. So the parents are about to pour Ganges water into his mouth when V intervenes. He takes the Ganges water from the parents' hands and he himself pours into the young man's mouth. Soon after, the young man's breathing improves and he gets his life back in full. Everyone in the room is astonished at V's miracle.

Once, during a walk in the fields with Naani, he sees a young boy walking with a coconut held at arm's length and couple of farmers following the young boy. He asks Naani what was happening and Naani explains that the young boy has special powers of finding locations in earth where water is easily available. The young boy has just got to walk around with the coconut and wherever the water is easily reachable, the coconut will automatically turn upside-down. But on this day, the young boy has had no such luck and is struggling to find any place in the huge land where water is reachable. When V hears of this, he scans the entire field and suddenly goes to one particular location in the field and informs all that water is available in that location. Sure enough, when the young boy nears that location, the coconut turns upside-down indicating that water is available. Everyone is shocked at V's miracle.

Venkatanaatha is born

As part of baby showers, a sacred liquid is put through Gopika’s nose. The baby showers are grand and all around her are excited and happy that a baby will now be born.

Finally a baby boy is born. He is named Venkatanaatha which means destroyer of Evil. His childhood days are enjoyed by one and all. From childhood, he shows extreme intelligence. He easily says ‘Om’ even when he is unable to talk properly. His understanding capability regarding theosophy is immense.

Soon, he is a young lad and he is asking a lot of questions to his parents about Life and God and Vedas and the parents get exhausted answering him.

Aug 29, 2010

Changes in Gopika

One day Gopika starts chanting the sloka Paanthwaswaan…. which is actually a sloka not to be chanted by womenfolk because it can harm the womb due to its intrinsic frequency intonations. But Gopika is chanting this sloka without her own knowledge. So when someone notices this, she chastises Gopika. Gopika informs that she wasn’t aware herself. Soon that someone notices that Gopika is carrying and blesses her. Gopika is glowing with pregnancy as she had never glowed before with her prior two kids.

Then, late into her pregnancy, one day, she finds the orange vasthra (shawl) - which is usually worn by swamis – and she dons it herself, which is a strict no-no for womenfolk. People who see her are shocked.

She also prefers to eat the prasadam given in temple more than her own home-cooked food. Seeing all this, TB too is angry with her and he cannot understand the change in her.

Needless to say, it is all due to the embryo within her.

Aug 28, 2010

Gopika Conceives

In the night in Tirumala, TB gets a dream in which Lord Sri Venkateshwara himself informs him that he is going to have a son who will be an incarnation of the Lord’s devotee Shankukarna. After saying thus, the Lord disappears. TB is overjoyed that he is going to be father of such a great devotee. He wakes up suddenly to find that it was a dream. He wakes up Gopika too and she too informs him that she too had a dream about the Lord. Thinking that their prayers were answered, they head back to Ramachandrapura.

In Ramachandrapura, Naani is taking care of Venkatamba and Gururaja. When the children see their parents back, they are overjoyed.

Life restores back to normalcy until one night when TB wakes up in the night and touches his wife Gopika. At that instant, he gets a severe electric-shock kind of feeling. This is because Gopika, at that instant, had Goddess Lakshmi within her and she was being prepared for the birth of the great saint. TB withdraws his hand and stays put. But he does not inform of this incident to Gopika.

Soon after, Goddess Lakshmi plants the sapling of the soon-to-be-born into Gopika’s womb and hence Gopika conceives although she herself is not aware.

The story of Shankukarna

Lord Sri Venkateshwara’s wife Padmavati is bemused seeing TB and wife’s prayers for 3rd kid. Padmavati asks the Lord why TB family is asking for more when they already have a son and a daughter. Then, the Lord informs they are just puppets in the whole show. He then gives her the big picture:

Once, long, long ago, in the world of Gods (devalok aka Vaikuntam), Lord Vishnu was displaying all his 10 Avatars to all concerned angels and Gods. For each of the Avatar, Lord Brahma took flowers from the plate offered by his aide Shankukarna and poured them on Vishnu’s feet, appreciating him of his feat. Each person being completely immersed in Vishnu’s Avatar, no one noticed that the flowers in Shankukarna’s flower plate was fast becoming empty. When Vishnu displayed his Rama Avatar, Lord Brahma reached out to the flower-plate held by Shankukarna, although his eyes were riveted on Lord Vishnu. When he got no flowers from the flower-plate, he cursed Shankukarna to be born 4 times and the first birth being in the family of Demons. Since Shankukarna had failed in his duty to ensure that the flower-plate is always never empty, Brahma thought that the curse would serve as a punishment to Shankukarna.

Needless to say, Shankukarna was shocked beyond belief. He pleaded not guilty and informed how he too was mesmerized by Vishnu’s Avatars due to which he had not concentrated on the emptying flower plate. But a curse given is a curse given and cannot be revoked.

Lord Vishnu noticing this, informed everyone present (including Shankukarna and Brahma) that the curse was destined to be so. It is due to this curse that a pious lad called Prahallad will be born in the house of the Demon Hiranyakashipu. Since Shankukarna was devastated by this news, Vishnu consoles him that Prahallad will still be a hard-core Vishnu devotee and he will become famous because of his devotion.

Thus, Prahallad was born. The second birth of Shankukarna was as a Bahalik King. Third was as Vyaasaraja Theertha and the fourth destined life was about to be born in the womb of TB’s wife. Hence TB and his wife were cleansing their mind and body by coming to Tirumala and performing the poojas.

Padmavati is satisfied with Lord Sri Venkateshwara’s response.

Note: It seems to be a mistake in the story (or in the direction of this episode) that Vishnu was showing off all 10 Avatars when apparently Prahallad himself – who is an integral part of Narasimha Avatar (#4) - was not born! The story in this link seems to be a better story. In fact, also refer this complete link for complete life and story of Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy which is very well written.

Aug 26, 2010

Thimmanna Bhat Goes to Tirumala again

Gopika starts dreaming about another son. A son who is like Lord Krishna. A son who is shining in all his glory. A son who is near but never reachable. A son who is special in his own way. During one such dreamy nights, she yells out and tells about the dream to TB.

TB, much content with a son and a daughter, feels no need in having one more child in the family. But is disconcerted by Gopika’s recurring dreams. He is not sure why she is having such dreams and why the Almighty is making her dream so.

Being confused, he goes to Kumbakonam to check with the Senior Pontiff about demystifying the desire for one more child in the family. The Senior Pontiff has seen the future and knows well what is going to happen. Still, he asks TB to visit Tirumala Lord Sri Venkateshwara temple to seek his blessings.

TB and Gopika dutifully go to Tirumala and do Pooja service for couple of days to Lord Sri Venkateshwara.

Thimmanna Bhat Goes to Anegundi

Lo and behold, within a short span of time, TB is the father of an elder daughter named Venkatamba and a younger son named Gururaja. Both of them grow up to be very cultured and polite and decent and well-mannered, much like TB and Gopika.

TB feels that his time in Ramachandrapura has come to an end as the Vidyapeeta is now in able hands. So he goes to Kumbakonam to meet the Senior Pontiff who then asks him to move to Anegundi to set up one more Vidyapeeta there.

TB, still not wanting to stay away from Kumbakonam and the Pontiffs, relents and goes to Anegundi. The old-timers of the Mutt, who are now really old, realize their mistake in insulting KB – seeing how honest KB and TB were in their duty to the Mutt and not really in the pursuit of Pontiffness - and inform the same to TB and ask his forgiveness. TB convinces them that they never insulted his father and also convinces them that he nor his father had no ill thoughts about any of them.

Thimmanna Bhat Goes to Tirumala

In Ramachandrapura, during a classroom session, when the topic is about how barren parents feel for their infertility, a child asks TB if he too is sad as he is without kids. It suddenly hits TB that he is married for 8 years and still he has not had any children. Gopika too is very worried and crying for not having borne any children.

TB realizes that he needs to go to Kumbakonam to meet the Senior Pontiff to demystify the missing parenthood. Senior Pontiff reminds him that the then Senior Pontiff had asked him to go to Tirumala to seek the Lord’s blessings to obtain offspring. TB had completely forgotten it.

Thus realizing his mistake, TB immediately sets forth to Tirumala along with wife to seek Lord’s blessings to bear children.

Change in guard

Meanwhile the Senior Pontiff Sri Surendra Theertha realizes that his days are nearing. He knows that he is not going to live long any more and immediately asks his aids to take him to Madurai where he wishes to rest in peace after his death.

All the Mutt’s disciples assemble in Madurai during the Senior Pontiff’s last moments. Amidst heavy chanting, and in deep meditation, Senior Pontiff Sri Surendra Theertha finally breathes his last. There is much sorrow in all. Sri Surendra Theertha’s memorial (in the form of Brindavan) is erected at Madurai.

So, the then Junior Pontiff Sri Vijayendra Theertha becomes Senior Pontiff and a new Pontiff is chosen: Sri Sudheendra Theertha. Sri Sudheendra Theertha is a relatively new and surprise joinee to the post amidst high speculation amongst Mutt disciples.

Thimmanna Bhat Goes to Ramachandrapura

TB passes his time in Kumbakonam in utter grief and desolation of suddenly becoming alone in the world. The Pontiffs realize that something has to be done to end TB’s grief. So, the Senior Pontiff Sri Surendra Theertha advises him to get married.

Enter Gopika. Soon, a wedding is arranged between TB and Gopika. To lead a family life, the Pontiff asks TB to go to Ramachandrapura and manage a Vidyapeeta there. Senior Pontiff wishes him well and asks him to seek the blessings of Lord Sri Venkateshwara to obtain offspring. TB, although unwilling to stay away from the Pontiffs, finally relents and moves to Ramachandrapura with wife where he starts a Vidyapeeta.

Thimmanna Bhat Becomes Orphan

Hearing of TB’s musical achievement in the King’s Palace, KB’s mom wants to see him badly. But KB refuses. This saddens KB’s wife and she starts losing her health. Hearing this, TB comes looking for her. Once she sees him, she feels better and almost gets back to normalcy. TB returns back to his tutelage in Kumbakonam.

Soon after, her health again turns to worse and she becomes weak and weak. Again, TB comes back only to see her in death bed. Unfortunately, she dies and TB is struck with grief. He becomes busy with funeral ceremony for his mother.

On the 14th day funeral ceremony, his father, KB, too, collapses and dies. TB is shocked beyond belief to have lost both his parents within such a short span of time.

Thimmanna Bhat Earns Fame in Music

Meanwhile TB studies the ancient scripts from the Pontiff and further excels in Music. The Pontiffs almost decide on making him the next Pontiff. But the ‘hear-say’ of the old-timers in the Mutt diffuses the thought. The old-timers are still very much against KB and his family because KB and his family got more than what they deserved from the Pontiffs. Pontiffs, knowing what was coming in the next generation, gave special attention and respect to KB and his family, and the old-timers in the Mutt, not understanding this ‘attention’, mistook it to ‘favouritism’ and despised them.

The then king once hears of TB’s musical prowess and asks him to participate in a musical competition in the King’s palace. TB does so and wins the audience over. The competitor will not be able to match the skill of TB. TB wins accolades from the king and is awarded suitably.

Kanakachala Bhat goes to Kaveripattinam

Life ensues. Thimmanna Bhat (TB) grows to become a handsome young man. He will undergo his tutelage under Junior and Senior Pontiffs. He also starts excelling in Music, specifically Veena – a talent that comes naturally because of genes from his father. Naani also becomes his alter ego.

After considerable number of years in Kumbakonam, KB feels he has outlived in the Mutt and starts feeling that he needs to get away. He informs of his desire to the Pontiffs and the Pontiffs, as if knowing this would happen, informs KB that he has to go to Kaveripattinam – by order of the Divine - to up-bring a dilapidating Vidyapeeta (Student’s school). KB is much happy to execute this task which is expected of him but the Pontiff orders him not to take TB with him. This grieves KB as he is now very fond of TB. But an order is an order and he tries to console the inconsolable mother. Finally, KB and wife make way to Kaveripattinam without TB.

Kaveripattinam is in a complete state of mess. KB sets about himself to up-bring the dilapidated Vidyapeeta.

Kanakachala Bhat comes to Kumbakonam

The story begins with Kanakachala Bhat, his wife and his young son Thimmanna Bhat walking towards Kumbakonam from Vijayanagar. The Vijayanagar Dynasty was ravaged by war and on the brink of disastrous loss when Kanakachala Bhat (KB), who was the then a (Veena musician) servant in the Vijayanagar King’s Palace, found it prudent to escape the kingdom for safety. After a long tiring walk to Kumbakonam, they enter the Mutt where Senior Pontiff Surendra Theertha and Junior Pontiff Vijayendra Theertha reside.

Upon seeing the fatigue-laden threesome, the Pontiffs ask them to take shelter in the Mutt and become a part of the already-crowded-population-in-the-Mutt, much to the chagrin of the already-residents. While the threesome prepare for shelter with the help of an aide called Narayana (aka Naani) who is slightly older than Thimmanna Bhat, the rest of the people in the Mutt despise this new family as they are not willing to accommodate more people in the already-small Mutt. But with no other option available, the threesome make way and adjust in the surroundings amidst hostile glances from everyone.

Guru Raghavendra Vaibhava

The Life and Story of Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy is now being telecasted daily at 10 pm in Suvarna TV. I started seeing this episode infrequently in the beginning because of the slow pace of the story but now, the pace is quite fast and the story is also absorbing. Hence it is now a daily ritual to end the week-day with Guru Raghavendra Vaibhava.

Although Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy is not an Avatar of Vishnu, His Holy life is still related to the celebrated Prahallad character which appears in Vishnupuran’s Avatar # 4. Hence, I will now continue this blog with Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy’s life as depicted in the daily episodes. What better way to start this than today which happens to be the Madhyaaradhane of Raghavendra Swamy himself.

Kindly forgive the errors in recording, if any.

Aug 18, 2007

Krishna, Buddha and Kalki Avatars

Ravan again shows off his pride. Says he will kill Rama, etc. War ensues. Rama shoots arrow to knowck Ravan's head off. But head reappears. Rama is perplexed. Same thing happens a number of times. Rama is nonplussed. He does not know what to do. Then Vibhishan comes and tells him that the only way to kill Ravan is by shooting an arrow at his navel. Rama does so. Ravan dies. War ends. Hanuman gets Sita from Ashoka Vatika. Rama and Sita unite. But Rama asks her to go through a trial by fire although he knows that she is pure. It is more for folks. Sita is shocked. But she sits through fire and easily passes it. Once done, Rama apologises for making her go through it but Sita tells that no one should ever again go through this trial. Now, all are happy.

It is also the end of 14 years. So they head to Ayodhya via Pushpak Vimana. Meanwhile Bharat is contemplating suicide because it has been 14 years and Rama has not yet returned. Just at that time, Rama comes and brothers unite in great ecstasy. End of Rama Avatar.

Avatar #8: Krishna Avatar


Jai takes form as Kans in Mathura. He gets his sister Devaki married to Vasudev. On the parade, a sage wishes the couple well. And tells that their 8th child will kill Kans. Kans gets scared and is about to kill the couple when Vasudev convinces that he can kill the children and not parents. He then imprisons the new couple.

First six children are all slaughtered by Kans inside the prison only. Vasudev's first wife Rohini comes inside prison to take away the seventh son from inside her womb to her own (Rohini) womb. Kans comes to know that Devaki suddenly is no longer pregnant with the 7th child, & is surprised. Rohini gives birth to this person and is called Balram also called as Dau. Balram hence eventually will become Krishna's brother.

Finally, Krishna takes birth in the prison. Fate tells Vasudev to take the child across Yamuna to city of Gokul and deposit with his pal Nandlal. When they are wondering how, all the prison shackles fall down and doors open. Vasudev keeps Krishna on his head and crosses Yamuna, reaches Gokul and delivers kiddo to Nandlal. Nandlal's wife Yashoda then sends her daughter instead back to prison. Kans comes to kill the infant albeit a daughter but the infant flies away!

Kans learns that his death is awaiting in Gokul. Kans sends his maid Putna (witch) to Gokul to kill Krishna. Putna sees Krishna and takes him away to a jungle. But the little Krishna albeit an infant quite easily kills him.

In his childhood, in order to save the nature, Krishna dives into a river and kills poison insider the Kaalia serpent. Once poison goes away, Krishna dances on top of Kaalia's head.

When Krishna grows bigger, Radha falls for his charm.

Kans asks for Krishna to come to Mathura from Gokul. His parents are sad that he might get killed. At Mathura, Krishna sees one lady with a humpback, walking with great difficulty. Suddenly she is able to walk correctly. Everyone sees Krishna's miracle.

At Kans's palace ground, Kans gets a wild elephant to kill Krishna. But looking at Krishna, Elephant salutes him. Kans is shocked that the maniacal elephant saluted him. Kans then asks wrestlers to fight Krishna and Balram. K and B easily fight them all.

Then K and B go to Kans. Krishna then kills Kans. There was peace in Mathura.


It is time for Vidharba Princess Rukmini to get married in Vidharbha. Prince Shishupal wants to marry her. Same thing with Ruk's bro Rukmi and dad. Rukmini wants to marry Krishna. So Ruk writes a letter to Krishna to help her from this pre-arranged Swayamvara which is unjust since Bride needs to choose her Groom in Swayamvara.

At Dwarka, Krishna tells Balram that he will go to Vidharba to save Rukmini. Balram wants to come with army. So Krishna wants to go before and leaves. On the morn of Swayamvara, Rukmini goes to temple to pray for quick arrival of Krishna. Krishna comes. Rukmini boards the chariot. Krishna then prepares to leave. Rukmini says yes. Krishna blows into his conch to announce to the world that he is taking Rukmini as per her wish, not as a kidnap.

News arrive at Vidharb. Rukmi confronts Krishna. Big battle ensues. Dwarka's army vs Vidharb's army. Krishna uses his Sudarshan Chakra to defeat the Rukmi. He then takes Rukmini home to Dwarka.


Once back at Dwarka, Krishna hears that his sister Subhadra is getting married to Duryodhan due to Balram's improper promise. So Balram asks Krishna to save Subhadra who loves Arjun. At that time, Arjun is traveling all over the world as a Brahmin. He sees Subhadra. Love at first sight. Krishna goes to talk to Vasudev about S's wedding. At the same time Balram goes to talk to his parents to talk about S's wedding with Duryodhan (Hastinapur Prince) which he has already promised. Krishna interjects and tells that it is better to give time till morrow. Balram suspects something but Krishna tells all for S's good.

Krishna then goes to Arjun and tells all. Arjun asks what to do. K tells follow Kshatriya dharma - If man agrees, woman agrees, just take her. It is not kidnap. It is dharma. Arjun agrees. Krishna arranges for both S and A to meet at a Pooja place in the morning. Arjun gets blessings from both Balram (although he doesnt know what Arjun is seeking blessings for!) and Krishna. Krishna also tells to make sure there is no fight between Draupadi and Subhadra. Krishna also tells that there is a deeper meaning to the union of A and S, which is not understandable right now. He also tells that S should be the charioteer for this, not Arjun. Because this journey is more of S's, not Arjun's. Arjun agrees. A and S elope away.


Krishna knew who all would take Kaurav's side even before Mahabharat began. Maghadh samrat Jharasand is one such guy, so Krishna wants to get rid of him. Added to this, J is doing some wrong things like wanting to give 1000 kings as sacrifice to lord Shiva to become all powerful. Krishna wants to stop this nonsense. Birth of Jharasand is as follows -

Brihadrath married two wives and told he will love equally. Old age, still no wives. Once he saw a rishi while traveling. B asks Rishi for son. Rishi gives one mango. King cuts the mango into two pieces and gives to two wives. Each wife gives birth only to half child - half only from top to bottom. Wives get scared and get the infants thrown away. A monster called Jhara sees these infants. She takes the two pieces and joins together. It became a boy. That is Jharasand. So he is in fact two people. So it needsKrishna, Arjun and Bheema to kill him. They move towards Jharasand to challenge him for wrestling. Jharasand agrees for the wrestling competition. Jharasand chooses Bheema amongst the three. Finally Bheema is able to tear him into two pieces. He throws the pieces away but they join back. So Krishna tells that he needs to throw them in opposite directions, meaning left part of body to right and right part of body to left side. Bheema does so and finally Jharasand dies. Krishna then releases all the kings who were kept in prison for sacrifice.


There is one more enemy left for Krishna - Shishupal. When S was born, he had many eyes and many arms. His mother asked when will this be rectified. Fate responds that it will be set right as soon as it is kept on one person's lap. But that same person will also kill him.

Once when Krishna comes to his aunt's place, he keeps the baby on his lap and baby becomes better. Mother suddenly becames afraid of Krishna. She asks Krishna to give him a vow to never kill her son Sishupal. But Krishna says that is not possible but he will definitely give him 1000 chances to make mistakes. But his 1001st mistake will kill him. Sishupal although aware of this never heeds. He insults Krishna for more than 1000 times in Royal Court. Krishna releases his Sudarshan Chakra and that ends Sishupal's life. Sishupal was one more of Kaurav's supporter and hence Pandavs had one less army to worry about.


Just prior to start of Mahabharat war, both Arjun and Duryodhana come to Krishna to ask either for Narayani Sena or Krishna Himself be part of their team (Pandav and Kaurav respectively). D is waiting beside the bed while Krishna is sleeping and he came first. Arjun comes next and stands bowed before Krishna. Krishna looks at Arjun first. So he asks him what he wants, but D says I came first. K says Arjun is younger brother, so let him go first. Arjun doesnt want the great Narayani Sena but he wants just Krishna without any weapons. Krishna agrees to be Arjun's charioteer. Perhaps he took this life only to be Arjun's charioteer. D is very happy that A didnt ask for Sena because D wanted the Sena only. A is also happy because A didnt want the Sena and he wanted Krishna.

At the big battle of Kurukshetra between Pandavs and Kauravs, Arjun asks Krishna how can he fight this battle against his own family, his own guru, etc.

Krishna replies - Rely on me, trust me. I am the Truth, I am the Universe. I am Om, I am Sound of Universe, I am the Fire, I am the Life, I am the Penance done for, I am the Fragrance, I am the Beginning, I am the Mind, I am the Intelligence, I am the Strength, I am the Power, I am inside all and yet I am different. I dont have a race nor religion. I am know the Past, Present and Future, I am Father, Mother, Protector, I am all Vedas, I am Swamy, I am student, I am everyone's Ideal. I am everything.

So Arjun asks how can I identify you. Krishna says - there is no end for Him and yet he says - I am the Soul. I am Mareechi, I am Vishnu, I am Chandhra, I am Prahallad, I am Timeless Time, I am Words, I am Death, I am the Beginning, I am character, victory, attempt, I am Shukracharya, I am even Arjun! I am the Creator, I am the Eye.

Arjun says now he is clear. But he wants to see the Viswaroopa version of Krishna. Krishna says he cannot see it in naked eyes. He needs Divine eyes. Krishna grants those eyes to Arjun. Once Arjun gets those eyes, Krishna transforms himself to Viswaroopa Darshan which starts with Om, then he sees Krishna growing in size. Many forms appear before him. A blaze of flame appears behind Water, Fire, suffering all can be seen now. Suffering people enter from one side and leave from one another depicting death and birth where suffering occurs in both instances. Then Brahma and Shiva are seen in the middle of Krishna's heart. Krishna opens his mouth. Whole Universe is inside that mouth. The purpose of this Avatar was to tell the Importance of Good Deeds.

Avatar #9: Buddha

Next Avatar is Buddha. Buddha was born at a time of high deception and heavy violence. After Battle of Kalinga, King Ashok gives up everything to take up non-violence and preach good deeds - and informs that meditation is the only means of achieving success.

Avatar #10: Kalki

Mother Earth then says that Vyas has informed that Vishnu will again take Avatar as Kalki in Kalyug to save mankind. Mother Earth is awaiting this incarnation. [Me-thinks this incarnation is nothing but the daily do-good-ers, saviors!]


And thats the end of that! I am not sure why the makers of Vishnupuran serial made a haste of the last three avatars - they were all encapsulated within 3 hours! And hence the blog entry is less too, compared to other Avatars. Nevertheless -

I feel much honored to have jotted down all of these episodes telecasted on TV over a span of many years. And then in the middle of Ramayana, I could not see any more - either I went abroad or they stopped telecasting. And for a long period of over 15 years, I never thought I could see it till the end. And then one fine day in 2016, in my local library in Pleasant Hill, California, USA, I saw Vishnupuran DVD - and it was not just one DVD, it was the full series of 23 DVDs. Imagine my joy! So not only did I see the rest of the episodes that I had not seen and finish this journal but I also got the opportunity to correct some of the previous errors that I had made due to the telecast on TV where the luxury of pause and rewind is unavailable. And during this process, my daughter became a huge fan of Vishnu too!

Such is the marvel of Lord Vishnu that if you really seek Him out, He will surely come to you! This blog on Vishnu is my own form of a tiny yet significant penance to The Great Almighty!

Hope you enjoyed reading Vishnu's enchanting stories.

May Vishnu be with you always!

1. Chapter 47 was incorrectly numbered as 48. And so, the chapters from 48 onwards are one number up!
2. Chapter 87 has two occurrences. Hence, the chapters from 88 onwards are, in effect, in correct order!

Chapter 95: Rama kills Kumbhakaran

Meanwhile, Ravana wakes up Kum with help of lots of band and noise. He becomes awake and shouts at all. Ravana says he needs his help.
“You win without me.”
“This time I need you.”
“I kidnapped Rama’s wife Sita and to get her back, he has declared war.”
“Give her back so that I can sleep peacefully.”
“Will you help me or not?”
“Well, alright, I will.”

Sun rises. War begins. Kum, Mammoth easily walks over a lot of people and all get scared. Kum Vs Rama. Kum is following his maryada and Rama is following his maryada. Difference is that Kum’s maryada is all blood while Rama’s is peace and dharma. Rama after huge battle kills Kum. Sun sets. War stops.

Vib comes to Rama’s camp and informs that Meghnath is doing tapas in Nikumba Temple to gain immortality. Only way for him not to achieve it is by getting him out of the Nikumbhla temple in the night itself. Hanuman goes and irritates M in the form of a bee. Also tells that he is a coward. This irks M and M comes out of the Nikumbhla temple. Lakshman encounters him and war starts between the two. L easily kills him.

The next day is the tenth day of Durga festival (Dashami). Durga goddess appears and tells that today will be the end of Ravana and Dashmi will now be called as Vijaya Dashami. Rama thanks Durga for giving the opportunity to kill Ravan because if Ravan had not kidnapped Sita, then there would not have been good enough reason to kill Ravana.

So last day of battle starts.