Aug 18, 2007

Chapter 44: Narada curses Vishnu!

Once long ago, Ravana will be trying to rape a woman called Vedavathi. She pleads Lord Fire to take her life away, which Fire God does so. This Vedavathi will be with Lord Fire until she is reborn as VishwaMohini to the king of Sheelnagar. She would have given her heart to Vishnu by then (as part of her previous life).

Narada, on his way back from Vishnu after boasting, suddenly sees Sheelnagar, which is bright in colours. He could have sworn that this was barren land before. The King heelnidhi visits Narada and informs him that ‘colours’ are due to his daughter’s swayamvara. King invites Narada to see his daughter and give her blessings. Narada goes to palace to see daughter.

Narada is star-struck upon seeing the daughter, VishwaMohini. He blesses her, but goes back to Vishnu again and asks him to make him into a unique person so that he can compete in Swayamvara whereupon everybody should just stare at him (read handsome). But Vishnu asks 'Didnt you win over Cupid' to which Narad replies 'Dont embarrass me further'. Ok, Vishnu says and makes him into a monkey-faced man (as a punishment to his pride) and considering and manipulating Narada’s own words of ‘unique person to be stared at’.

Everybody in Swayamvara laughs at Narada when he enters the swayamvara. (He has not seen his own face). Obviously he is rejected. At the Swayamvara, Vishnu suddenly appears and Mohini immediately garlands him and accepts him as her husband. She is apparently done some form of tapas or so, and is grateful that Vishnu has accepted her as his wife. Then she takes her place (resides) in his heart (after minimizing herself!!)

Narada leaves the palace, disgusted at Vishnu, wondering why Vishnu played a dirty game even though knowing that Vishnu himself would be declared as hubby. On his way back, Narada looks at his face reflection in the palace fountain. He is shocked to see the monkey face. His rage towards Vishnu is uncontrollable. He transforms to his original swami self and goes to Vishnu. Immediately upon arrival, he curses (‘shaap’) Vishnu that one day he will go to Earth and his wife will be separated from him and that he will plead for help to monkey-faced people for the return of his wife. Thus starts Avatar # 7: Rama Avatar.


Anonymous said...

I did not hear Vedavathi reborn as Mohini though. Other versions regard the story as Narada's illusion (Maya); In which he curses Vishnu and upon removing the illusion Narada realises.

After swayamvara, she does not "minimize" herself. She is then one with the Divine Mother (Lakhsmi mata resides in the heart of Lord).

In Rama avatar, Lord does not beg but simply seeks help from them.

Anonymous said...

To further clarify the comment by Anonymous, Lord Rama certainly did not beg to monkey for return of his wife. He helped Sugreeva win his kingdom back from Vali, and in return Sugreeva provided his army to Lord Rama for fighting with Ravana. So it was a pact and give-and-take. It may be better phrased as "will have to rely on help from monkey".